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Considered by public and critics like one of the most important argentinian guitarist in his generation,

Juan Almada is constantly performing guitar solo and chamber music concerts, and teaching classical guitar at Faculty of Fine Arts (UNLP, Argentina) and Rosario University Music School (UNR, Argentina).

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Fede Díaz. Juan Almada. New Video.

Guitar Duo

Porro, for guitar duo.

Gentil Montaña.

Produced to CDS Música by Jorge Petta.

Guitars Andrés Elguea, Walter Verreydt.

Hannabach Strings.


Hannabach Strings.

Exclusive Artist.

Since 2022, Juan Almada use exclusively Hannabach Strings.

Hannabach is a German manufacturer strings brand, one of the most prestigious  worldwide.


Juan Almada. New Video.

Variations through the Centuries,

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

Sunday 26.12.2021.

21hs. (Buenos Aires time)

CDS Música YouTube Channel.

Produced to CDS Música by Jorge Petta.

Andrés Elguea Guitars.

Hannabach Strings.


Juan Almada. Weiss Brouwer. Clarín Journal. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

La vuelta al mundo en seis cuerdas.

by Federico Monjeau.

Album review.

Complete review.

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